Apr 23, 2012

TOD'S 2012 Signature handbags

TOD'S Signature series, as a design inspired by the classic peas shoes,combined with the exquisite handicraft and modern technology, the handbag of material selects soft patent leather,matte calfskin and glossy calf,not simply pattern printed on the surface, but the conversion peas pattern embossed in the leather and let artisans beat the peas outline,and then sewing the handbag,we can see that the TOD'S sophisticated detail design; Signature series of spring and summer design in addition to the shoulder tote bag,envelope-style clutch, as well as mini-chain shoulder bag of last season, also launched a cylinder Boston bag, oversize handbag,as well as with a set of small leather goods, and a variety of candy colors for us to catch before spring arrived early to enjoy the freshness of seasonal color change.


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