Apr 13, 2012

Salvatore Ferragamo 2012 Mother's Day Gifts

Salvatore Ferragamo for 2012 Mother's Day carefully selected several gifts,with sincere affection transmit a grateful heart. Ferragamo always adhering to the "Italy makes" the consummate craft and the elegant modern design, to create a unique product. And the noble gold series, highlights a mother's dazzling light.

Sofia handbag as Salvatore Ferragamo extraordinary design, every season deeply loved by all age woman,mothers is no exception.And the noble gold series, highlights a mother's dazzling light.

New Tressé series with gorgeous texture and perfect handicraft highlighted Salvatore Ferragamo perfect elegant and revealed a strong crafts flavor,soft texture with a slightly irregular wavy pleated,different width leather woven together,showing a distinctive pattern of the brand this season created.Pellets of gold-plated stud single wooden handle,showed the incomparable detaild and texture,but also created a timeless symbol of Ferragamo,highlighting Florence leather traditional characteristics.

Salvatore Ferragamo silk series with its world-renowned traditional Italian sophisticated technology tradition perfect fusion of brand creative ideas and unique design,so that the mothers at any occasion be able to re-radiate the beautiful luster.The selection of a Ferragamo scarf has a long history of excellent hand-made craft,elegant and luxurious Italian style and a unique decorative effect perfect fusion,displaying a wonderful natural world - fantastic animals and plants, gorgeous scenery, artistic sense of the patterns,abstract geometric shape of the world.Elegant noble golden theme is even more highlights Ferragamo's exquisite and elegant,the scarf as a wild element in women's clothes accessories,will make mother instantaneous relaxed and elegant,whether it is knotted in the bag,or arbitrarily fastened around the neck,are elegant and refined,will become the favorite gift of the mother.

Salvatore Ferragamo new fine jewelry series, in order to modern style to explore new graphics concept,and highlight the brand features, including Futurista and Gancino jewelry series respectively represent Salvatore Ferragamo two big classical logo.The distinctive design,gold set with diamonds,bright and dazzing.Sparkling Gancino ring with Futurista necklace,let mother feel the incomparable love from you in this warm holiday.

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