Apr 11, 2012

Gucci Forever Now campaign

Gucci is pleased to announce the continuation of the cooperative relationship with Charlotte Casiraghi, and invite her to join the new "Forever Now" advertising planning protagonist. This series of ads by creative director Frida Giannini and Casiraghi together made. In the next two years, advertising planning by Charlotte Casiraghi as protagonist,by four world's top fashion and portrait photographers released, to give Gucci classic logo regards.

The first advertising through Peter Lindbergh lens,show the Gucci landmark green red ribbon story. Stables for the background, close-up photos of Casiraghi reminiscent of founder Guccio Gucci equestrian obsession.That year, it was Guccio Gucci lessons from the saddle the canvas with fixed belt to design the green red ribbon, and in the 50 s, was be the first used in the suitcases of trimming and detail place.Since then,the conspicuous green red ribbon becomes Gucci an important visual identification.

Today, Frida Giannini through specially creating equestrian dress continues tradition.Giannini designs high-tech into the equestrian equipment for Casiraghi,not only keep the Gucci special unique luxury and classic including the iconic green red ribbon,Gucci crest and the finest materials.

All of the advertising planning video and pictures taken by Peter Lindbergh; director of photography Jean Michel Vecchiet; sound in part by the Charlotte Vecchiet and Paul De Coudenhove.



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