Oct 25, 2012

Prada launched the IL Palazzo

Prada this season with the famous fashion illustrator Richard Haines launched called "IL Palazzo" cooperative project,from different aspect interpretation of the 2012 fall winter series of men and women design styles.Richard Haines had served several years of fashion designer, he is also very good at capturing the subtle tonal differences, as well as the design details, he smoked charcoal drawing lines distributed only by showing a person's hands to charming but not perfect sense.

The "IL Palazzo" plan combined with handmade artistry and high-tech, Prada will launch an APP application and in Prada.com provides to the people,let visitor svisit the place where the 2012 fall winter published in-IL Palazzo palace, making virtual interaction to explore the magnificent rooms of the palace, visitors can also be found in which the works of Prada accessories and Haines works.

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