Oct 21, 2012

Miu Miu Bbauletto Collection

Miu Miu launched new Bauletto collection bags, three styles. Contracted exterior design with elegant leather and exquisite detail decorated form an interesting contrast. For this collection the exclusive calfskin micro quilting process, as well as leather high light processing.

The new Miu Miu Bauletto bags - by Matelassé, Madras and Spazzolato leather series compsition. This series continues the Miu Miu classic decorative details: metal lock,gold stainless steel finishes, has a new detail design such as: front pockets and contrast stitching.

This series has a variety of colors available - bright colors from red-brown, gray-blue and ruby color to beige, soft color like flax and bamboo yellow, to emerald green, pink and purple maroon color system,etc.

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