Oct 10, 2011

Fashion Week:Bottega Veneta 2012 ss handbags

Bottega Veneta in the past on the show never had let people down, this time also. Each handbag has luxurious texture, in strong exterior, practical features make people praise. Despite handbags don’t change very fancy, but the same material, different styles or different colors, weaving leather, classic crocodile veins, Leopard veins, snake veins, material stitching, simplicity style and bright color still are this season mainstream, without too many amazing breakthrough, but had to recognized, these still will won the favor of many women!


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  3. Bottega は最初の小売店をローマに開きました!!!bottega 財布更に人に気に入って手放せなくならせるボッテガヴェネタ 財布1950年代の間に、グッチは贅沢なハンドバッグ、靴と荷物の作成による優雅さの中心部分になりました!