Aug 22, 2012

Gucci 2012 Fall Winter men's bags

Refined luxury luggage has been concerned as the highlight of Gucci. The new season Gucci launched men's bags as travel for inspired again and set off a wave of retro. With dark tones to create a dark feeling, the whole series is full of dramatic color.

First is the unique shape of the briefcase. The retro design as if people back to that carriage age. The rough surface texture makes it difficult to see the original texture is soft sheepskin.In the finest leather with small stones polished layering,on the one hand,highlights the the particles texture of sheepskin unique, on the other hand gives it age feeling.

Another is quite artistic canvas bag. This bag overall used light colored and printed abstract pattern. The sheepskin abstract handle and cingulate deepened it retro image. Such a comparable to the art work of bag is very practical,its internal space is very large,can meet the basic needs of the users.

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