May 12, 2012

Cartier leather goods for Mother's day

Cartier Leve wallet
In limited quantities.Red goat skin wallet,can accommodate 12 credit cards and dimensions money.Engraving the Cartier words pressure button.This series of small leather goods reinterpret the unique creativity of the famous Leve bracelet series.Simple clean lines design hold a variety of practical function.

Cartier Marcello de Cartier handbag
Small red calfskin handbag, with double C logo. The colorful design reminds us of a magnificent life. Marcello de Cartier series has highly practical, also is fashion!

Cartier Classic Lady's handbag
Grey water snakeskin, grain calfskin. Slightly serious classic design, and added a little charming. Conservative elegance and missish charm, gorgeous textures and wise fashion - this single handle handbag fully show the charm of French elegance.In limited quantities.


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