May 30, 2012

The world's first Hermes apartment completed in Singapore

SC Global, Singapore's high-end mansion developers,launched by Hermes furniture decorated with personal warmth space in Singapore Paterson Hill of the flagship luxury residential project The Marq. The first time interior decoration of the apartment by Hermes will be used for SC Global VIP reception. This unique residential project combines innovative architectural design of the SC Global and Hermes unique, classic and elegant interior decoration style.

The apartment is spacious, 6,200 square feet (about 579 square meters),a collection of the Hermes furniture series,fabric, wallpaper, carpets, specially made leather accessories and art.

SC Global chairman and chief executive Mr. Zhong Shiping said: "We are very pleased with Hermes to present this rare,fusion technology and high quality architecture work in the world. SC Global each estate project such as jewelry fine bright, each the construction of the units such as hand-made fine. The achievements of the The Marq project, it is continuing to pursue the best interpretation of the concept of excellent quality and craftsmanship. "

The original custom interior design projects, LaTable Hermès creative director and the famous French Home designer Yves Taralon dominate the artistic and creative approach of the project. The famous French home designer and SC Global design team creative director Michelle Cheong communicate together, so that every design detail reflects the Hermes pursuit of "artde vivre"

Hermes household department general manager Hélène Dubrule said: "a great honor for the personalized home interior project can meet the demand SC Global and Mr. Zhong Shiping. This ambitious realize for the first time expressed Hermes commitment to tailored interior design, display the essence of the spirit of the French home design.

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