May 6, 2012

Hermes Tie game

Hermes co-organized tie design competition with Designboom,received 5478 works from 97 countries, is very interesting, each design is a story.

Hermes tie was available in 1949, every year produces two new series, each series by about 30 to 35 different designs, each design has a 12 to 24 color combinations, so every year about one thousand new teies available,at first,the launch of the tie with geometric pattern design performance riding activity primarily. Now the style has lively animals or in daily life things as the theme.

It is for men to show their desire and personality, to express their feelings, the best men's accessories.

Here is the top winning entries and a special design award works:

Blue on Blue Vibrancy   Designer:Heidi Mueller 

Unpossible   Designer:Nickolus Clifford

Hermes Active Men   Designer:Nina Choe 

leverness Patterned   Designer:Liliam Dooley、Ernesto Oroza 

Hermes Vertical City    Designer:Johan Hermijanto 

Party Time   Designer:Daiske Nomura

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