Jul 4, 2012

Bottega Veneta:The thermostat leather from finger

Each leather is the carrier of a memory, each handmade bag is the long years of painstaking. The core value of luxury goods is not in how bright logo, but in the combining of inheritable craftsmanship and modern life,to bring users a good experience and psychological satisfaction.

Bottega Veneta bag has always been synonymous of the best low-key luxury.The meaning of its brand is not the founder's name, but tell you it's life experience - from Italy hand workshop. It comes from Vicenza region, was later hailed as BV iconic woven pattern is one of the patent of the founder of Moltedo family. As the brand was born in 1966, it has to keep up with "Love and Peace" a good time, even pop master Andy Wahol was its fans, and more than half a century after, because these traditional arts and crafts inherit it carries forward,the Bottega Veneta woven bag and Andy Wahol works the same as the world pursuit.

"When you do not know what to express your fashion attitude, you can choose LV, but when you no longer need to express your fashion attitude, you can choose BV".In 2001,Gucci Group acquired the poor performance of BV, and enabled the German-Australian designer Tomas Maier. Tomas was indeed the expectations, learned of Bottega Veneta handmade the essence and carry forward,so far, we are talking about BV classic, mostly thanks to Tomas.

Bottega Veneta leather get better with using.With the passage of time,cortex feeling as the skin,like woman's crows-feet feel a kind of nature beauty of years.

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