Jun 4, 2012

Hermes transferred the management authority

Hermes announced on Tuesday that the management authority has been transferred to the sixth-generation heir of Thierry Hermes family, and very smooth handover.

Hermes CEO Patrick Thomas announced that the brand's chief operating officer Axel Dumas, will be co-CEO of brand office in June 2013, At the same time, the 76-year-old Bertrand Puech from shareholder management positions to step down,by the his nephew, Henri Louis Bauer took over.

The management handover of the Hermes is very cautious, this was established in 1837 the brand want to be able to resist a hostile takeover attack from the LVMH Group, to maintain a consistent brand independence.

Axel Dumas, Hermes Deputy Chief Executive Officer Michel Dumas, the son, he has a degree of the Paris Institute of Political and Harvard University and worked in banking before joining the brand, he will manage the brand of the leather sector.

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