Jun 23, 2011

Tod's Singnature series

After several years of painstaking research on new technology of leather, TOD's decides to create a new set of leather technology, for many unique design brings a plentiful and delicate feel of leather texture effects. So, TOD's Signature Series came into being. The series covers a variety of handbags and small leather goods,peas theme is decorated on leather to be unique sign for each work,to show essence of traditional handicrafts of Italy,while also showing the core of  TOD'S creative concept.

TOD's Signature Series will officially sale on TOD's global boutique with the fall winter products. This series fuses leather crafts of ancient and modern design with science and technology to create exquisite works for modern life, vividly embodies the brand heritage with DNA. As the brand's other works, TOD's Signature Series set a beautiful design, precious materials and practical function in one, showing the metropolitan life style, suitable for using in various occasions. Worth mentioning is that the motif of this series is not printed in the leather surface, but through the imprint way, thus contributes to TOD's famous peas patterned geometric effect of the more interesting and exciting new contours.

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